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Comments heard often from people seeing their first American Lipizzan are: “I thought they were only in Europe... I thought they were too rare for real people to own... Can you really buy one here? They must be really expensive.”

Three in hand Carriage TeamIt is true that the Lipizzan horse is a rare breed, with only about 1,500 Lipizzans in North America and an additional 2,000 in the rest of the world. Lipizzans really can be bought and owned by individuals.

Surprisingly, Lipizzans are affordable, especially in comparison to other European Warmblood breeds. They are wonderful horses to own: intelligent, honest, long-lived and versatile.

Lipizzan Trail HorseLipizzans have been successful endurance horses, trail horses, eventing horses and dressage horses. Historically, the Lipizzan was bred selectively to perform easily the high school movements of dressage and to be elegant carriage horses. They continue to excel in dressage and in all aspects of competitive carriage driving.

LANA’s website will help you find quality Breeders of Lipizzan Horses and Lipizzan Horses for Sale.

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