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About LANA

In 1992, members of the oldest American Lipizzan registry, the Lipizzan Association of America, joined with members of the Lipizzan Society of North America to combine their interests and form the Lipizzan Association of North America (LANA). LANA is a North American representative to the Lipizzan International Federation, a world-wide association of Lipizzan owners and breeders.

Crown L LogoThe LANA website includes information on classical dressage training, contact information for Lipizzan breeders, photos of Lipizzans, the history of the Lipizzan horse, links to the Lipizzan stallions of the Spanish Riding School & Austrian Piber Studfarm, and gift items featuring Lipizzan and Baroque horse pictures.

LANA’s prime objective is to provide members with accessible, accurate, and verifiable pedigree information, not only from American breeders, but also from overseas sources. To this end, LANA has established the Lipizzan Pedigree Trust to research and maintain pedigree records of purebred Lipizzans. This trust operates under a separate Board of Trustees and functions as a historical repository and research center. Partbred Lipizzan horses are recorded in a separate division of LANA.

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Special Benefit of LANA Membership

Online Lipizan Horse Pedigree Database

For the benefit of its members, LANA maintains a searchable and research-able on-line pedigree database. Although individual horse pedigrees can be viewed on-line at various websites, LANA is unique in offering this user-friendly research database to its members. LANA members can log in and then research about 5,000 living and historic Lipizzans. With just a click on any name, members can quickly trace lineage back through the generations to founding mares and stallions. There is no charge for members to use this valuable online resource at any time.

Lipizzan Horse Pedigree Database


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